Clothing For a Cause

The Give Back Community Mission is To Spread the Power of Generosity. Through Generosity, Our Community is able to change Hundreds of Lives Every Week

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Our Programs

Check out our programs specially designed to reintegrate our friends in the street back into a normal and self-sustained life. Learn more at

Our Healthcare Team

Health is the first step to get back to a normal life. This is why The Give Back Community Healthcare’s mission is to provide a better quality of life for our friends in need through constant physical and mental Healthcare support.


Every Friday, our team gathers in locations with heavy concentrations of homeless people. The purpose of these nights is not only to provide the practical needs of our friends (via food, clothing, medical help, ect.) but to begin journeys of genuine relationships. This opens the door to help us understand the individual on a deeper level and initiate the start of a normal life.

Job Outreach

We connect our best candidates (sober and willing to work) to businesses that we have partnerships with. These amazing brands are constantly hiring and will prioritize our candidates over all the other applicants for an interview.

GiveBack Kids

Our Program GiveBack Kids, is designed to provide recreational activities (tennis, soccer, dance and more…) as well as mentorship for disabled children, and kids from at risk-neighborhoods.

Meet Our Friend Steven

Unemployed and living on the streets, the Give Back Community had to opportunity to help bring Steven a job through the Employee Outreach Program. Your purchase leads to success stories like these!

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